Tarjimly Premium App

Tarjimly Premium upgrades the capabilities of our Tarjimly Essentials mobile app to meet the specialized needs of humanitarians. Enhanced features include three-way calling, interpreter pool filtering, and access to paid translators to improve connection rates.

Priced at $25/mo per user, this subscription is available either on a monthly basis or for fixed time periods.


"A Somali family joined our resettlement programme, and we only had French, Dari and Arabic interpreters on staff. Luckily Tarjimly was there to help us introduce the family to the team and explain about the services we offer."

Upgraded experience to Tarjimly Essentials

Through our mobile app, users gain access to a dedicated volunteer community of translators and interpreters, ready to assist in breaking down language barriers. The app allows for the exchange of messages, photos, and voice notes to ensure effective communication. Users also benefit from the option of unlimited sessions, providing a continuous support system for their language needs. Additionally, the app offers the capability to make internet phone calls, further enhancing the ease and flexibility of connecting with our volunteer translators and interpreters.

Additional Premium features

Paid Translators

Increase your chances of finding a translator for rare languages or when translators are in high demand.

3-way calling

Call the interpreter via Tarjimly, and add your beneficiary on the line. They will receive it as a free call to their mobile phone.


Filter the translator pool by gender, and experience in document translation, legal scenarios and educational scenarios.

No-record Option

You can choose to have your data immediately deleted from servers  for an additional layer of privacy. To activate this, choose the no-record option when making a request.

Team subscriptions and fixed-term Premium access available.

Book a time

What to expect

After signing up on the mobile app and upgrading your account to Premium, make a request for the language pair you need assistance with. You can filter the translator pool by gender or type of request.

Notifications will be sent out to a group of translators, and you'll be connected to the first available translator. Once connected, you can communicate through written messages, voice notes, photos, internet calls, or get on a conference call.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Available Languages for Premium App

Match rates for our Essentials Users and Premium users differ for specific languages, because we hire paid translators to supplement our pool of volunteer translators for languages which have a high demand or where we are not able to sign up volunteer translators. See the difference in our table below.

How to get started on Tarjimly

Download the Tarjimly Mobile App

Download the Tarjimly app onto your phone via Google Playstore or the Appstore.

Sign Up & Verify your email

You'll need to do the following steps:
1. Create a Tarjimly account
2. Verify your email address
3. Agree to our Code of Conduct
4. Complete your user profile

Upgrade your Tarjimly Account

Click on the following link to start your Tarjimly subscription. Log in with your Tarjimly log-in details, and choose which account you'd like to upgrade. You can upgrade and manage multiple team members accounts if you need. You'll be charged $25 per month per user until you cancel.

upgrade to premium

Select Language & Apply Filters

Select the language pair you need on the homescreen and press request. Tarjimly will search and connect you with the best available translator. We recommend waiting at least 90 seconds to get connected.

As a premium user you can filter the translator pool before requesting. Choose if you need spoken interpretation or written translation, and filter the translators by gender, experience (for example document translation, legal terms etc.)

Get Connected to a Translator

Tarjimly connects you and the translator in a live chat session, where you can send text, voice notes, and photos, start a live internet call or get on a conference call. It’s also possible to get documents translated by sending a sharing link.

Once you have finished, end the session and rate it. The session will stay open for a maximum of 12 hours, and a maximum of 72 hours for sessions with utilized the document translation filter, unless there is a continued activity in the chat from both users.

frequently asked questions
Why is there a paid version of Tarjimly?

We, at Tarjimly, are committed to providing free translation and interpretation for refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, and those who help them. This is our mission; it is what guides us and motivates every decision we make.Tarjimly is a non-profit organization.

While this means that our bottom line is our mission of eliminating language barriers, it does not, unfortunately, mean that we are a no-cost organization. Each session that takes place on the app (i.e. calls and messages) incurs internet calling and texting fees.In order to become sustainable and continue offering our free services at no cost, we need to find ways to create a flow of income for Tarjimly. One way we are doing this is by creating a Premium subscription where users pay for access to extra features on the app. Please know that we never charge for the time of the our volunteer translators, who we truly appreciate their hard-work and dedication, and only for access to the those extra features.

On Tarjimly Premium will I only connect to professional interpreters?

You will connect to a mixture of volunteer and professional interpreters.

On Tarjimly Premium we pay interpreters to be available for languages where we either struggle to find volunteers, or for languages where the demand is too high to be covered by our volunteers.

Which languages does Tarjimly Premium support?

The Tarjimly app supports connecting to translators in 120+ languages, but only publicizes languages with a significant number of volunteer interpreters.

Take a look at our Available Languages page to get up to date information on available languages and connection rates. You can also see which languages are currently supported with paid translators, and the connection rates for Premium and Essentials users?

Can I share a Tarjimly Premium account between more than one person?

Tarjimly Premium can only be used by one user, and the account cannot be shared on multiple devices.

If you connect on more than one device with the same account, each time one person makes a call or sends a message, the other people who are logged into the same account will also receive the call and messages.

I want to sign up other members of my organisation to Tarjimly Premium and manage their subscriptions. How can I do this?

Firstly the subscription manager will need to download Tarjimly and create a Tarjimly user account. Then log in with this account on the Premium dashboard.

On the dashboard you can add and remove other user accounts. Remember that in order to upgrade an account to Premium, they will first need to create a Tarjimly user account on the app.

We are a volunteer group helping one family. We can't afford to have multiple subscriptions. What can we do?

There are a couple of options. Firstly you can put the Tarjimly Premium subscription on the family's phone, and use this phone as the main way to access Tarjimly. Secondly you can choose one main person to have Tarjimly Premium, and the others can use the free version of the app.
If you have a need for a specific feature and are not able to afford it, please contact us. We will see if we're able to help.

I want to be invoiced for one year, instead of on a monthly basis. Can I do this?

We can invoice you or your organisation for a fixed period of time if you would prefer, rather than being charged on a monthly basis. Please reach out to us at team@tarjim.ly to set this up for you.


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