[tɛr -dʒɪm - liː] Verb

Definition: "Translate for me" in Arabic.

We are an award-winning non-profit organisation with the mission of eliminating humanitarian language barriers to improve the lives of refugees and immigrants.

We offer free and affordable remote interpretation and translation services available to non-profit organisations, humanitarian volunteers, social workers and direct to refugees and immigrants.

Used by staff at the following NGOs:

Empowering Humanitarians to Amplify Impact

Tarjimly can be used in a wide range of humanitarian settings—from refugee camps and educational institutions to medical clinics and resettlement agencies, in social workers' offices or even during emergency responses.

Attentive and Caring

Our two-year partnership with Tarjimly has been fantastic. Their dedicated and supportive team played a crucial role in assisting our clients' paths to citizenship. We highly value and recommend the Tarjimly team!
Kristen Bloom, Executive Director
Refugee Assistance Alliance

A Valuable Tool

"Tarjimly has been a valuable tool for local volunteers working with Afghan refugees, especially Afghan women who often cannot read their own language. The app allows for communication through a translator, which has been a rewarding experience for volunteers and refugees alike."
Hilary Hart, Spokane Women Together

Responsive and Professional

"Tarjimly premium has been a huge help for us, especially for responding to messages and for announcements to the community on our social media channels. All the interpreters I've been connected with have been very responsive and professional, and we received positive feedback on the translations provided. I especially appreciate the wide variety of language and the quick response to requests.
Laira, Programme Manager
Intereuropean Human Aid Association

An Invaluable Resource

Our Legal Access Department works to promote people seeking asylum’s access to justice in the UK, supporting people through the difficult process of claiming asylum .... Tarjimly has facilitated almost 1000 conversations with our clients in only the last three months. It has become an invaluable resource which we at Care4Calais rely on every day, often multiple times per day.
Hannah Marwood, Legal Access & Guidance Team Manager. Care4Calais

Volunteer with Tarjimly!


“Farahnaz was sponsored by a volunteer circle in the US, but they couldn't afford to hire an interpreter. Luckily I was available to interpret for her about the steps needed for enrolling her children in a local school and accessing food stamp benefits."

In as little as 10 minutes, you can assist refugees and immigrants in accessing vital information, whether it's about a medical appointment or navigating to the city center

Volunteering is accessible and flexible, with no minimum time commitment. All you need is a smartphone and internet access. You'll get a notification when someone needs your help. Simply click 'Yes' to connect securely through the Tarjimly app, with no personal contact details exchanged.

Tarjimly is HIPAA compliant

Tarjimly maintains strict industry-standard data security protocols for all user data, in accordance with HIPAA regulations. We have dedicated staff focused on ensuring that the privacy and security of user and conversation data are maintained at all times.

Why Choose Human Interpreters Over AI Translations?

Risk of Errors

Machine translations are not yet flawless, and small mistakes  can be costly in critical situations like medical or legal consults. Human interpreters can clarify context and ensure accurate understanding to avoid such risks.

The Language Gap

Machine translations often lack support for lesser-known languages and dialects like Dari—a dialect of Farsi predominantly spoken in Afghanistan—and Sango, spoken in the Central African Republic, widening the gap in language services.

Cultural and Contextual Understanding

Human interpreters can rephrase and repeat sentences to ensure comprehension, whilst adapting messages to be culturally appropriate and handling sensitive conversations with empathy.

Our Partners

Our work is supported by multiple generous donors and partners in the technology and humanitarian sectors. Tarjimly is bridging communities with technology, talent, and financial support.