[tɛr -dʒɪm - liː] Verb

Definition: "Translate for me" in Arabic.

We connect people in needwith a translator for 120+ languages using our global translator community and AI-enabled mobile app.

Tarjimly (tɛr -dʒɪm - liː) means "translate for me in Arabic".
Tarjim is also is the root word for translation in many languages,
including Farsi, Turkish and Urdu.
Used by staff at the following NGOs:

The Problem

There are 30 million refugees globally and 44% of them are unable to communicate with the people trying to help them, leading to barriers to accessing essential services. Other language access solutions are either too expensive, inaccurate, or fail to meet the scale of need.

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The Solution

The Tarjimly mobile app combines the power of technology and community by connecting multi-lingual speakers worldwide to refugees, asylum seekers and humanitarian workers who need translation & interpretation assistance. Tarjimly Essentials is free to use, and can be downloaded direct from your app store.

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Adapting to the needs of NGOs

Tarjimly has started offering a wider range of translation and interpretation services exclusively to non-profit actors. Our platinum services offer affordable pricing, a focus on hiring refugees, and an understanding of how non-profit organisations function.

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Tarjimly is a relief

The app has made communication with families easier and more efficient, allowing them to discuss medical appointments, practical needs, and other concerns. Before the app, communication was limited and sometimes difficult due to language barriers. The app has made communication easier and less stressful for all parties involved.
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

Tarjimly is attentive

Our organization has partnered with Tarjimly for nearly two years and we love them! We were able to accomplish something important for our clients, thanks to the attentive and caring assistance of the Tarjimly staff. We cannot recommend them enough!
Executive Director, Refugee Assistance Alliance

Tarjimly is wonderful

Thank you for your wonderful app! We have benefitted enormously from your brilliant interpreters, enabling us to connect with asylum seekers whose languages we do not yet speak.
Groundwork, UK

Tarjimly makes communication easy

Tarjimly helped me communicate with Spanish speakers in need of assistance. The volunteers were always available and provided professional and kind service. I will continue to use Tarjimly in the future.
Ashley DiGiore, VECINA

Tarjimly is valuable

Tarjimly has been a valuable tool for local volunteers working with Afghan refugees, especially Afghan women who often cannot read their own language. The app allows for communication through a translator, which has been a rewarding experience for volunteers and refugees alike.
Hilary Hart, Spokane Women Together

Our Partners

Our work is supported by multiple generous donors and partners in the technology and humanitarian sectors. Tarjimly is bridging communities with technology, talent, and financial support.

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