Volunteer as a Translator

We are always in need of multi-linguals who can donate some of their spare time and skills to help refugees and immigrants with interpretation and translation on the Tarjimly app. There is no minimum time you need to commit, and you can volunteer flexibly according to your schedule.

How Tarjimly Works

After signing up on the Tarjimly mobile app, you will receive notifications on your phone when someone needs translation support for the language pairs you speak. You can simply accept or reject the request, depending on your availability at that time.

Watch this short video to see what to expect when volunteering with Tarjimly.

How to get started on Tarjimly

Download the Tarjimly Mobile App

Download the Tarjimly app onto your phone via Google Playstore or the Appstore.

Sign Up & Verify your email

Make sure you get notified when someone needs your help. You'll need to complete these steps:
1. Sign-up and create an account
2. Verify your email address
3. Turn on notifications
4. Take our code of conduct training

Receive a request

When you receive a notification that someone needs help, you can either accept if you're available, or reject if you're not available.

If you accept you'll get connected in a session with the user, where you can write messages or get on an internet call

Rate Your Session with the user

Once you have finished, end the session and rate it. The session will stay open for a maximum of 12 hours unless there is a continued activity in the chat from both users.

frequently asked questions
Who can volunteer?

If you say yes to the following three questions, you can start volunteering with Tarjimly straight away:

  • Do you have a smart phone and an internet connection?
  • Are you bi-lingual (fluent in two or more languages)?
  • Are you over 18?
Can I receive a certificate or recommendation letter from volunteering with Tarjimly?

Once you have completed 35 individual sessions or 10 hours of sessions, translators can receive a certificate of volunteering with Tarjimly. After completing 70 individual sessions or 20 hours of sessions translators can request a job reference letter.

Can I get paid?

The vast majority of Tarjimly translators are volunteers, who are able and willing to donate their time and skills to help others. However, we are able to pay a small number of translators for high demand or rarer languages which are difficult to find translators for. Check out our careers page on the website to see which languages we are currently recruiting for, and how you can apply.

Do I need to have previous experience interpreting?

It’s preferable if you already have some experience in translation or interpretation, but it’s not necessary. We recommend that you take our in-app training to learn more about best practices of interpretation and translation, safeguarding, alongside other topics. For translators without experience, we recommend you take your time to carefully review these trainings before accepting requests.

Is there a minimum amount of time I need to volunteer?

No, you can volunteer as much or as little as you like. If you receive a notification and you're free to help, click yes. If you're not available, just click no!

I clicked yes to help, but I didn't get connected yet. What can I do?

When someone requests help on the Tarjimly app, we reach out to multiple translators to ensure they get matched. That means sometimes when you accept a request for help, another translator accepted before you, and you'll receive a notification about that.
Don't worry, you'll get your chance to help someone with translation and interpretation!
Additionally when you click "yes" and "no" to Tarjimly requests, it helps us learn when you're normally available. This helps us target you with requests at better times, and to target smaller groups of translators more effectively.