Why Donate to Tarjimly ?

Our Impact So Far

Your generosity enables us to:

  • Deliver Critical Aid: Facilitate medical, legal, and emergency support to refugees in urgent need.
  • Empower Through Education: Help them navigate educational and employment opportunities.
  • Keep Services Free: Ensure that our translation services remain free for refugees and grassroots organizations.

Help us eliminate language barriers and make the world a place where every voice is heard and understood.

Support Tarjimly & Transform Lives. Every donation, big or small, amplifies the voice of someone in need.

  • 380,000+ Lives Directly and Indirectly impacted since 2018.
  • $2.6 million Worth of Free Translation Services Provided
  • 95,000+ language requests facilitated to break barriers and uplift refugees in critical moments.
  • Doubled access & speed for humanitarian support.

Making every donation count

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