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Our work is supported by multiple generous donors and partners in the technology and humanitarian sectors. Tarjimly is bridging communities with technology, talent, and financial support.

Types of Partnerships

Strategic Humanitarian Partners

We partner with humanitarian organisations to help further our collective impact. Reach out if you think there is a way we can collaborate with your organisation to further both of our missions.

CSR: Tarjimly Cares

Activate your employees for social good. We provide high-impact, remote, on-demand volunteering opportunities. We assist with everything, from facilitating internal team-building and community-based workshops to assessing engagement metrics and sharing semi-annual impact reports.

Engaging Organisation Members & Donor Bases

We offer a meaningful way to involve your organisation members and/or donors. We onboard your multi-lingual community members to interpret for your organisation, and get an intimate look at the direct services your organisation provides.

Financial Support

Support Tarjimly as a donor and fund our mission to eliminate language barriers for immigrants and refugees. Your financial contributions allow us to expand and improve the features we offer on the app, reach more communities, and increase the number of languages we offer.

Language Partnerships

We partner with academic institutions, language & cultural groups and organisations with multi-lingual members. Partner with us to offer volunteer opportunities for your community, and track your members' impact.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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