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Tarjimly offers a wide range of free and affordable services.

Whether you're a refugee or immigrant in need of immediate interpretation, a sponsor circle seeking to communicate with a family, or an organization requiring a full suite of translation and interpretation solutions, we have you covered.

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What’s included
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • On-Demand Volunteers
  • Internet Calling
  • Text Messaging
  • Voice Notes
  • HIPAA Eligible

Upcoming Features

  • Tarjimly Hub
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$25/month per user
What’s included
  • All Tarjimly Essential Features
  • Conference (3-way) Calling
  • Includes Paid Translators
  • Filter the Interpreter pool
  • Higher Match Rates
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What’s included
  • All Tarjimly Premium Features
  • Exclusively Professional Translators
  • Professional Hotline
  • Bring Your Own Translators (BYOT)
  • Impact & Admin Dashboard
  • Custom Features
  • Event Interpretation
  • Onboarding Workshops

Upcoming Features

  • Video Calling
  • Scheduling for BYOT
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Attentive and Caring

Our two-year partnership with Tarjimly has been fantastic. Their dedicated and supportive team played a crucial role in assisting our clients' paths to citizenship. We highly value and recommend the Tarjimly team!
Kristen Bloom, Executive Director
Refugee Assistance Alliance

A Valuable Tool

"Tarjimly has been a valuable tool for local volunteers working with Afghan refugees, especially Afghan women who often cannot read their own language. The app allows for communication through a translator, which has been a rewarding experience for volunteers and refugees alike."
Hilary Hart, Spokane Women Together

Responsive and Professional

"Tarjimly premium has been a huge help for us, especially for responding to messages and for announcements to the community on our social media channels. All the interpreters I've been connected with have been very responsive and professional, and we received positive feedback on the translations provided. I especially appreciate the wide variety of language and the quick response to requests.
Laira, Programme Manager
Intereuropean Human Aid Association

An Invaluable Resource

Our Legal Access Department works to promote people seeking asylum’s access to justice in the UK, supporting people through the difficult process of claiming asylum .... Tarjimly has facilitated almost 1000 conversations with our clients in only the last three months. It has become an invaluable resource which we at Care4Calais rely on every day, often multiple times per day.
Hannah Marwood, Legal Access & Guidance Team Manager. Care4Calais

Tarjimly is HIPAA compliant

Tarjimly maintains strict industry-standard data security protocols for all user data, in accordance with HIPAA regulations. We have dedicated staff focused on ensuring that the privacy and security of user and conversation data are maintained at all times.

frequently asked questions
Who can use Tarjimly?

- Asylum seekers & refugees
- Immigrants
- Volunteers with a humanitarian mission
- NGOs with a humanitarian mission
- For profit companies employing refugees & immigrants (Platinum services only)

Where can Tarjimly be used?

Tarjimly is designed for any humanitarian situation focused on improving the lives of refugees and immigrants. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Resettlement Agencies
- Medical Clinics
- Legal Clinics
- Refugee camps
- Emergency Response
- Volunteer circles

What type of interpretation does Tarjimly support?

- Phone interpretation
- Interpretation of voice notes
- Translations of text messages
- Document translations
- Conference interpretation (Platinum only)

Is it possible for my NGO to use multiple services?

Absolutely! Many NGOs opt for a blended approach to meet their diverse requirements. For instance, volunteers might find Tarjimly Essentials to be a perfect fit, while paid staff can take advantage of Tarjimly Premium for features like three-way calling. Additionally, an emergency hotline is available for those critical situations when immediate assistance is required.

Schedule a call with our team to see which services best suit your organisation's needs here

Does Tarjimly use human interpreters or machine translations?

Tarjimly exclusively connects you with human translators, whether they are volunteers or professionals. See our home page to see why we believe human interpreters should always be used where possible in the humanitarian context.

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