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Our services have been specifically designed to help a wide range of users, from refugees and asylees who do not have a means to pay for translation to international NGOs who require high levels of customisation and have specific requirements for interpreters in terms of experience and education.


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What’s included
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Written Translations
  • Internet calling
  • Phone Interpretations
  • HIPAA eligible
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$25/month per user
What’s included
  • All Tarjimly Essential Features
  • Three-way calls & conference calling
  • Filter Feature
  • Access to Paid Translators
  • No Record Session
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What’s included
  • All Tarjimly Premium Features
  • Bring Your Own Translators (BYOT)
  • Onboarding Workshops & setup for your team
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Admin & Impact Dashboard
  • App Customisation
  • Translators hired for exclusive access
  • Professional interpreter hotline
  • Remote simultaneous & consecutive interpretation
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Tarjimly Essentials

Tarjimly Essentials is available for all asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants and the organisations who serve them, and costs nothing! Tarjimly functions by connecting a community of volunteer translators and interpreters to those who need language access.
Features include:

  • Access to our volunteer community of translators and interpreters on the app.
  • Unlimited number of sessions.
  • Exchange messages, photos and voice notes.
  • Make internet phone calls via the app.

All new accounts get free access to the Premium features for 14 days, after which the app automatically reverts to the free version.

Tarjimly Premium

Tarjimly Premium is a monthly subscription to the Tarjimly app, with a suite of additional tools designed to meet humanitarian's needs

  • Conference calling  
    Make a three-way call by dialling in additional phone numbers to the call with your interpreter, or add your interpreter to your Zoom/Microsoft Teams call
  • Access to Paid Translators
    Increase your chances of finding a translator for rare languages or when translators are in high demand
  • Premium filters
    Filter the translator pool by gender, inform the translator in advance if the session will be a phone call or text interpretation, or covers a legal or medical topic

Tarjimly Platinum

Tarjimly Platinum allows you to pick and choose between a range of additional features and services which can be customised according to your organisation’s needs.

Book a call with our Partnerships manager in order to assess your language access needs, and to advise your team on how to set up your language workflow for success.