Platinum App Customizations

Access thousand of Tarjimly interpreters in 80+ languages.
Adapt the Tarjimly app to your organization's unique needs.
Monitor your team’s usage of interpreters and language needs.

Collect valuable data and report on impact
  • Implement a custom rating screen which will be shown to your organization's staff after each interpretation and translation session
  • Choose any data that will be useful for your organization, for example programme name, client name etc.
Monitor your teams’ need for interpreters and language needs
  • Track number of sessions, languages requested, and activity by team members, among other key data points.
  • Monitor matching rates and satisfaction with sessions.
Simplify billing for different programmes
  • Billing can be complex when budgets are earmarked for specific projects and programmes.
  • Implement a custom rating screen for tracking usage of interpreters by programme and project. With our dashboard you can easily track where
Additional available features
  • Customized onboarding video and materials
  • Live onboarding workshops
  • App white-labelling
  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom in-app trainings

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