What are Tarjimly Platinum Services?

Tarjimly Platinum allows you to pick and choose between a range of additional features and services which can be customised according to your organisation’s needs.

Book a call with our Partnerships manager in order to assess your language access needs, and to advise your team on how to set up your language workflow for success.

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Customised Features

We understand that each organization’s needs are unique. Request customized features, such as customised rating screens, white labelling, single sign-on, in-app custom training and more.

Onboarding Workshops and Setup

Tarjimly can provide onboarding workshops for your team members in order to show them step-by-step how to use the app and our services. In addition, Tarjimly can provide customised videos and instructional leaflets to be kept as a resource for your team.

Bring Your Own Translator

Onboard your translators onto the Tarjimly app, and enable your team to access your translators on demand and remotely. Activate your interpreter community efficiently, with a simple notification system, avoiding time-consuming messaging. Keep track of translator working hours through a customised dashboard, in order to track engagement. Custom rating screens available to track usage by department, programme, or other useful data for your team.

Translators Hired for Exclusive Access

Tarjimly can source, vet, and hire professional interpreters and translators to be available specifically for your project. Tarjimly can provide paid interpreters for remote events and training that will take place via other online platforms.

Admin and Impact Dashboard

Access your organization’s customized web dashboard to view the aggregate impact Tarjimly is having on your organization’s staff and volunteers. Monitor overall usage, individual engagement, match rates, satisfaction rates, and much more.mediately for an additional layer of privacy and anonymity for your clients.

Priority Customer Support

Our highest level of attention and care is to make sure all of your team is using Tarjimly successfully. Get the fastest access and priority from our support team.

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Professional Interpreter Hotline

Gain access to professional vetted interpreters in 200+ languages through an exclusive hotline number for your organisation. Customise a quick access language list with your seven most-needed languages, in addition to adding customised questions for data collection purposes.

We charge a flat rate of $1.35 /minute for all languages in addition to a $250 set up fee. Test out this service using a general hotline number before signing up!

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Remote Consecutive  & Simultaneous interpretation

Tarjimly provides paid, vetted interpreters for remote events, legal clinics, workshops, and other sessions that take place via online platforms.



Tarjimly is HIPAA eligible.

Tarjimly maintains strict industry-standard data security protocols for all user data. We have dedicated staff focused on ensuring that the privacy and security of user and conversation data are maintained at all times.

With Tarjimly Premium, you can also choose to start "No Record" Conversations where none of the conversation data (text, voice notes, calls, video, files, etc.) is stored in our databases.

Our team is constantly working on measures to improve the privacy and safety of vulnerable communities. If you want to partner with us on this effort, or to sign a HIPAA business agreement, reach out by clicking the button below.