Tarjimly Platinum Services

Pick and choose between a wide range of professional features and services, including a professional hotline service, onboarding your own translators onto the app, app customizations, impact dashboards, and live interpretation events. Book a call to assess your needs and see whether Tarjimly's services are a fit for your organization.

App Services

App Customization & Impact Dashboards

Get access to thousands of Tarjimly interpreters in 80+ languages, whilst adapting the Tarjimly app to your organization's unique needs. Monitor your team’s usage of interpreters and language needs on your live impact dashboard.

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Professional Interpreter Hotline

Connect exclusively with vetted, professional interpreters. Available in 200+ languages with an average connection time of less than 30 seconds. Guaranteed connection and ability to schedule rare languages.

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Bring your own translators

Onboard your organisation's interpreters on to the Tarjimly app, allowing your team to connect on-demand to your interpreters remotely, across locations and countries.

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Remote Simultaneous interpretations

Live interpretation for online events and workshops. We provide professional, experienced interpreters, and offer guidance on setting up live interpretation events.

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Remote & In-Person Interpreter Recruitment

Utilise Tarjimly's interpreters for one-off events and longer term projects, letting Tarjimly handle recruitment, coordination and payment.

Tarjimly also offers recruitment and vetting services for interpreters to be hired directly by your organization.

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Tarjimly is HIPAA eligible.

That means Tarjimly maintains strict industry-standard data security protocols for all user data. We have dedicated staff focused on ensuring that the privacy and security of user and conversation data are maintained at all times.

With Tarjimly Premium and Platinum, you can also choose to start "No Record" Conversations where none of the conversation data (text, voice notes, calls, video, files, etc.) is stored in our databases. For our professional hotline, please know if you would need this feature.

Our team is constantly working on measures to improve the privacy and safety of vulnerable communities. If you want to partner with us on this effort, or to sign a HIPAA business agreement, reach out by clicking the button below.