What is Tarjimly Essentials App?

Tarjimly Essentials is available for all asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants and the organisations that serve them, and costs nothing! Tarjimly functions by connecting a community of volunteer translators and interpreters to those who need language access.

Access to our volunteer community of translators and interpreters on the app.

Unlimited number of sessions.

Exchange messages, photos and voice notes.

Make internet phone calls via the app.


How to get started on Tarjimly

Download the Tarjimly Mobile App

Download the Tarjimly app onto your phone via Google Playstore or the Appstore by clicking the button for your phone type below.

Select Language

When you need a translator or interpreter,  select the language pair you need. Tarjimly will search and connect you with the best available translator. This can take from 30 seconds to 15 minutes depending on the language pairing requested.

Check our Available languages page to get up-to-date information on likely match rates and connection times for the languages we offer on the app.

Check Languages

Get Connected to a Translator

Tarjimly connects you and the translator in a live chat session, where you can send text, voice notes, and photos, and start a live internet call. It’s also possible to get documents translated.

Additional features are offered for Premium subscribers. Take a look at our pricing structure page to get more information about our Premium Services.

Check Pricing

Rate Your Session with the Translator

Once you have finished the session, either user can click to end the session and rate it. The session will stay open for a maximum of 12 hours unless there is a continued activity in the chat from both users.

Take a look at our FAQ section to see commonly asked questions about using Tarjimly.

Open FAQs
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Resources on how to download and use Tarjimly

Instructional Videos

Learn How to Sign Up for Tarjimly as a Beneficiary
Learn to Use Tarjimly and Its Free Features

Full-length workshops on how to download and use Tarjimly

English Video
Dari Video
Pashto Video