Available languages

Tarjimly offers over 80 languages on the Tarjimly app, and is always expanding when translators with new languages join the Tarjimly community.

Language Pairings on the Tarjimly Essentials and Premium App

Primary languages pairs

High chance of being connected to a translator. 80%+ match rate when waiting a minimum of 90 seconds to connect.

Secondary language pairs

Good chance of connecting to a translator, but may require a longer wait time. 50-79% match rate when waiting a minimum of 90 seconds to connect.

Under-supported language pairs

Medium to low probability of connecting to a translator. 49% or less chance of being matched with a translator when waiting a minimum of 90 seconds to connect.

Try requesting these languages at different times. You might find that most translators speaking this language pairing live in a different time zone.

Insufficient Data Language Pairs

Language pairs that have matched in the past two months, but insufficient requests have been made to determine an accurate match rate estimate.

Please reach out to us if you are having problems connecting to the language you need. We are always working to recruit more volunteer translators to the platform, and paid translators for our Premium subscribers.

For some popular languages the average connection time is less than 2 minutes, whereas for other languages you should expect to wait longer to connect to a translator, or even to request more than once.

Match Rates for Tarjimly Essentials Users and Premium Users

Match rates for our Essentials Users and Premium users can differ, because we hire paid translators to supplement our pool of volunteer translators when there is a high demand or we are having difficulties in signing up volunteer translators for particular languages.

Platinum Language Availability

Download the following PDF to see language availability for our professional interpreter hotline. Average connection time is under 30 seconds