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"Tarjimly made communication simple and fast between our service users and I"

Refugee Women Connect is a women-only charity intended to support women asylum-seekers, refugees, and survivors of human trafficking. They work to ensure that displaced women can build a safe life in their new homes. While the resettlement process can represent hope, it can also be a stressful experience trying to navigate a new place with little to no social support. Refugee women have to overcome many barriers to access services, and often rely on support organizations. These women engage with Refugee Women Connect at an important turning point in their lives, when they have left an abusive or conflicting situation and are trying to navigate the complex asylum process in an entirely new environment.. Jane, an Aid worker at Refugee Women Connect, uses Tarjimly to communicate updates about their services to LEP clients. When COVID-19 emerged many organizations’ in-person services were affected. Jane wanted to inform the community of important changes, such as the cancellation of drop-ins due to the coronavirus, the remote availability of aid workers by phone, changes in opening days and times, and information on resources to help with food and medicine delivery. Jane needed all this information translated into Turkish. She was able to do so without delay by connecting with a Tarjimly translator in just seconds and sharing the translated updates with her Turkish-speaking clients. It is our pleasure to help serve an organization like Refugee Women Connect. Our vision is a world where refugees never suffer as a result of language barriers, regardless of whether they are stuck in a camp or resettling in a new country – a world where refugees can advocate for themselves. Refugees deserve the dignity of language access, which reduces the inequity of service provision and improves humanitarian outcomes in health, asylum, education, aid delivery, employment, and more.


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This isn't the story of one doctor or one refugee. Thousands of vulnerable individuals and families are left without care due to language barriers. When an aid worker's lack of ability to communicate hinders their ability to accommodate and assist refugees, an organization's ability to impact real change is limited. Tarjimly is here to bridge that divide, and to provide on-demand translation services for aid workers, whenever and where ever they may be.