Remote & In-Person Interpreter Recruitment

Utilise Tarjimly's interpreters for one-off events and longer-term projects, letting Tarjimly handle recruitment, coordination and payment. Tarjimly also offers recruitment and vetting services for interpreters to be hired directly by your organization.

Interpreter Recruitment for Projects
  • Tarjimly recruits, coordinates, trains, manages and handles payments for interpreters for remote projects.
  • We recruit interpreters that meet your specific requirements and make them accessible to your organization during the required project hours.
  • We recommend using the Tarjimly app as a platform to allow your team members to connect exclusively to these interpreters, but interpreters can also be made available via the online platform of your choosing.
Interpreters for one-off events
  • Tarjimly has a pool of qualified consecutive interpreters available for one-off remote events or series.
  • Let us know the event topic and we will find the best interpreter for your needs. Interpreters can be made available via the online platform of your choosing.
  • Consecutive interpretation refers to interpretation where speakers pause to allow time for the interpreter to translate. Tarjimly also offers simultaneous interpretation for live events and webinars, that require interpretation into several languages or don't have the time capacity to pause for interpretation.
Recruitment of In-Person Interpreters
  • Tarjimly offers recruitment and vetting of interpreters to be hired directly by your team.
  • Set your list of requirements, including language pairings, security clearances, or specific experience, and let Tarjimly take on the time-consuming process of finding the right interpreters for your organization's needs.

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