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About Tarjimly

Tarjimly is a 501c3 nonprofit established in 2017 with a mission to eliminate language barriers for refugees, immigrants, and humanitarians. We accomplish this through our Tarjimly mobile app, connecting individuals with a vast network of 50,000+ volunteer translators for on-demand language support. Our global, passionate team operates entirely remotely and is dedicated to making a significant impact in the lives of those we serve.

About The Role

As the Outreach and Partnerships Coordinator, you will play a pivotal role in expanding Tarjimly's impact. Your primary responsibility will be to establish and nurture relationships with non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals and government agencies, offering them customized solutions from Tarjimly's suite of services. This outcome will mainly be measured by an increase in # of active users on the Tarjimly app as well as an increase in the # of NGOs using Tarjimly's professional services. This role requires a mix of strategic thinking, relationship management, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by NGOs in the realm of language barriers.



  1. NGO Engagement: Actively reach out to and engage with NGOs to promote awareness of Tarjimly's services.
  2. Tailored Consultations: Meet with NGOs to understand their specific needs and recommend customized solutions from Tarjimly's offerings.
  3. Onboarding Workshops: Conduct onboarding workshops for NGO teams, ensuring they are well-equipped to utilize Tarjimly's services effectively.
  4. Professional Services Liaison: Serve as the point of contact for NGOs interested in Tarjimly's professional services.
  5. Contract Management: Oversee the organization and execution of contracts related to professional services offered to NGOs
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Management: Manage relationships within our CSR initiatives. This includes onboarding of new staff members to our CSR programs, and keeping out CSR partners updated
  7. Ad-hoc projects: Manage unforeseen tasks that arise, ensuring they align with our organizational goals. Example responsibilities include conducting research on insurance options, overseeing contracted work


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Application Process: To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to team@tarjim.ly with the subject line: Outreach and Partnerships Coordinator Application.

Application Deadline: We review applications on a rolling basis

Tarjimly is an Equal Opportunities Employer. We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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Fill out the application form if listed above, otherwise send us an email with your CV and cover letter to team@tarjim.ly