Making Art in the Community

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This wasn’t just a one-time conversation, but a connection that helped build a community.

In the fall of October 2018, Izabela Targosz and Adam Ostaszewski found themselves in the Moria Refugee Camp in Lesvos, Greece. As they explored the city on their bikes, they were disheartened by what they saw. Wanting to create a positive change, the two decided to dedicate their time to encourage community-building through the creation of art. After a couple of thoughtful conversations, Izabela and Adam settled on a program to create multiple murals in the camp. They would do this in collaboration with the Boat Refugee Foundation, a nonprofit making a positive difference in Lesvos, Greece. The community art program served as a purpose for the people in the camps to “come together and tell their stories through creative expression.” They hoped it would also help to “heal past emotional traumas and turn those experiences into meaningful art that inspires hope for a better future.” The goal was to engage everyone in the camp and have it be an inclusive community effort. Knowing that there were many languages spoken in the camp, Izabela and Adam needed to translate marketing efforts, materials, and advertisements into words that everyone could read and understand. Having heard of Tarjimly, they decided to give the translating app a try. As soon as Izabela sent in a request, she was connected to an on-demand translator who helped translate a page-long advertisement within minutes. To take it a step further, she got on a call with the translator to ensure no words were lost in translation. Izabela was happily surprised at the speed and accuracy of the translation. She noted that the translator was kind and open-minded. She thanked him repeatedly for the impact he had on the success of the art program. This wasn’t just a one-time conversation, but a connection that helped build a community; the translator even asked Izabela to send photos of the finished artwork! To view photos of the murals and see the work made possible by many Tarjimly volunteers, please visit


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This isn't the story of one doctor or one refugee. Thousands of vulnerable individuals and families are left without care due to language barriers. When an aid worker's lack of ability to communicate hinders their ability to accommodate and assist refugees, an organization's ability to impact real change is limited. Tarjimly is here to bridge that divide, and to provide on-demand translation services for aid workers, whenever and where ever they may be.