Voice Note Translation for Medical Aidworkers

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"Voice note is a simple way to verbally communicate with your interpreter if he is busy"

A humanitarian volunteering at a refugee camp in The United Kingdom needed to share logistical information with a refugee about an upcoming hospital visit. She had to inform the refugee of the meeting place and time, the papers and documents she had to bring related to the visit, and remind them that the appointment was only to renew a prescription so that they could make an appointment for an ultrasound and blood tests. She also had to notify the refugee about a new aid worker who would be assisting her with interpretation at the hospital. The humanitarian used Tarjimly to connect to a volunteer interpreter, where she was able to successfully receive a voice note recording explaining all this information to the refugee in her mother tongue. Thanks to Tarjimly the refugee was able to receive all the information needed to gain access to healthcare. This simple tool allowed the refugee to feel more confident and comfortable going into her hospital appointment and made sure she was able to receive the care she needed.


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This isn't the story of one doctor or one refugee. Thousands of vulnerable individuals and families are left without care due to language barriers. When an aid worker's lack of ability to communicate hinders their ability to accommodate and assist refugees, an organization's ability to impact real change is limited. Tarjimly is here to bridge that divide, and to provide on-demand translation services for aid workers, whenever and where ever they may be.