Helping a Teacher Communicate with Refugee Students

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"Thank you for your help with this. I’ll continue to use this service because it’s one of the only ways that I have to communicate effectively with my students that speak other languages."

Communicating instructions to students poses a challenge even when teacher and student speak the same language. One teacher had an extra barrier to overcome; she needed to explain test instructions to her new Hatian refugee students so that they were prepared for an upcoming English language assessment. She needed to make sure that the students knew to practice ahead of time, and understood the test sections and format. The teacher used Tarjimly to connect to a live Haitian Creole interpreter where she sent a voice note explaining the situation and relayed detailed information about what to expect. The interpreter sent a voice note in Haitian creole for the students to listen to explaining that the students would take the test on a computer, where the questions and answer choices would be read out loud. They would need to listen carefully to be able to select from the choices. The students could now understand how to approach the test and what was expected of them. This is one of many examples of Tarjimly’s impact in education for refugee students and students who speak other languages. Tarjimly can help teachers communicate day-to-day instructions to students so they fully understand what is going on in the classroom. Not only can teachers convey these messages to students clearly, but students can feel supported knowing that they are heard and understood.


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This isn't the story of one doctor or one refugee. Thousands of vulnerable individuals and families are left without care due to language barriers. When an aid worker's lack of ability to communicate hinders their ability to accommodate and assist refugees, an organization's ability to impact real change is limited. Tarjimly is here to bridge that divide, and to provide on-demand translation services for aid workers, whenever and where ever they may be.