Tarjimly assists a Turkish asylum-seeking family, ensuring food access and essential support services

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Through Tarjimly, a translator facilitated communication ensuring the family's plea for help was heard.

In San Diego, the story of a Turkish refugee family unfolds, revealing the transformative power of connection and support. Without any prior assistance, a family of four found themselves in dire need of basic necessities. Their struggle to access food and navigate the complexities of asylum support became of critical concern. It was here that Tarjimly's impact became evident, serving as a pivotal link between the family and IRC aid workers. Through Tarjimly, a translator facilitated communication, ensuring the family's plea for help was heard. This act of translation was more than just words; it was the key that unlocked essential support. The family received aid in obtaining both fresh and dry food, alleviating their immediate concerns. This chain of support extended beyond the immediate family. The sister-in-law and her husband, too, found solace and sustenance, bringing the total to six lives significantly improved by a single, yet profound, connection. But the assistance didn't stop there; the conversation also secured a dedicated caseworker for the asylum seeker, further stabilizing their situation This narrative showcases the essence of Tarjimly's mission: facilitating critical connections that not only address immediate needs but also foster a sense of community and support among refugees, immigrants, and the organizations dedicated to helping them.


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