Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tarjimly use human πŸ—£ or machine translation πŸ€–?

All translation support and services are performed in real-time by connecting beneficiaries with a live person. The Tarjimly app uses Twilio to connect beneficiaries and translators in a chat conversation πŸ’¬where they can start a phone call πŸ“ž.

Is Tarjimly Free?

The main services of Tarjimly are free for all refugees, asylum seekers, and aid-workers to use. Our main services include the ability to request a volunteer translator an unlimited amount of times, and once you are connected with a translator on the app, you can exchange text messages, voice messages, photos and exchange phone calls.

We also have additional features and services on offer, from the Tarjimly Premium app at $25/month to our $1.35/minute professional interpreter hotline. Take a look at our Services page to get more information on the wide range of services and features Tarjimly offers.

Why is there a paid version of Tarjimly?

We, at Tarjimly, are committed to providing free translation and interpretation for refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, and those who help them. This is our mission; it is what guides us and motivates every decision we make.Tarjimly is a non-profit organization. While this means that our bottom line is our mission of eliminating language barriers, it does not, unfortunately, mean that we are a no-cost organization. Each session that takes place on the app (i.e. calls and messages) incurs internet calling and texting fees.In order to become sustainable and continue offering our free services at no cost, we need to find ways to create a flow of income for Tarjimly. One way we are doing this is by creating a Premium subscription where users pay for access to extra features on the app. Please know that we never charge for the time of the our volunteer translators, who we truly appreciate their hard-work and dedication, and only for access to the those extra features.

Who can use Tarjimly, and for what purposes?

Tarjimly can be used by anyone with a humanitarian purpose. Using Tarjimly for business or academics is a violation of our terms of use. Visit Tarjimly Stories to see our impact!

How long does it take to connect with a translator?

The average connection time on the Tarjimly app depends on the language pair. Language pairs in high supply, such as Arabic to English can take less than 30 seconds to connect, while unique language pairs may take several minutes. Try connecting at different times, if you can't find an interpreter to connect with.
Tarjimly also offers a usage-based professional hotline service, with average connection times of under 30 seconds.

Which languages is Tarjimly available in?

The Tarjimly app supports connecting to translators in 120+ languages, but only publicizes languages with a significant number of volunteer interpreters. This is so that we can closely maintain the on-demand feature of Tarjimly. Beneficiaries may make requests for rarer languages on the app, but the probability of connecting to a translator decreases if the number of volunteer translators for that language is low.
We also offer a professional interpreter hotline with 200+ available languages.
View our Available Languages page to get more information about which language-pairs are available and see likely connection times.

How long does a conversation usually last?

On the Tarjimly app, a conversation can last for as long as a translator is willing to help. We reach out to translators with an expectation of 15 minutes, but we have found translators might stay well past 60 minutes if they are truly helping someone in need. We recommend informing our volunteer translators of the estimated time they will be needed before beginning a session. If a conversation is not ended manually, it will automatically end after 12 hours of inactivity from either side. This is so that it opens up the translator to help others.
When connecting to a paid translator you can normally expect longer session times, up to 2-3 hours if needed.

What happens if you can't find a translator for me?

Sometimes on the Tarjimly app we aren't able to find an available translator in under 5 minutes because:
1. Our translators are busy with other conversations. You should try again in 30 minutes if you are able to wait.
2. We don't have enough translators for that language pair. We are regularly signing up hundreds of translators to our community and we encourage you to share with people you know.
Please let us know if you consistently have trouble with a specific language pairing, and we will work to recruit more volunteers.

Can I take translations off the Tarjimly app?

Taking conversations off of the Tarjimly app is against our Terms of Use and can lead to your account being blocked.
This for the safety and security of our community and their personal information. We have seen examples of translator contact details being shared and sold when no mal-intent seemed likely.

How are translators screened?

On the Tarjimly app we create a Tarjimly Score for all translators using:
1. Their self-provided proficiency, skill level, expertises, and certificates of language training (such as ATA or CertiLingua).
2. Feedback and reviews from real and test conversations manually reviewed by our team of vetted translators.
3. Tarjimly offers an interpreter training that covers interpretation ethics and best practices. Volunteers are tested at the end of the module.
4. We have a full-time staff member who is reviewing sessions for quality and for breaches of confidentiality.

For the Tarjimly professional hotline we have a 9 step vetting process including a background check & security screening and an orientation session with strong, signed commitment to
confidentiality, HIPAA compliance and adherence to ethics

How do you manage confidentiality?

All conversations on the Tarjimly app are deleted immediately from the translator's app once the session ends.
The Tarjimly app is HIPAA eligible, meaning we meet all HIPAA requirements in terms of protecting user data on the app.

Can I translate legal/immigration court documents using Tarjimly?

Requirements for "Certified Translations" differ based on location and purpose for which you are translating the documents. Always diligently check the legal requirements for certified translations, such as immigration papers, birth certificates, business contracts, supporting documents for Marriage Green Cards, death certificates, and court transcripts.
In the United States, it's possible to use Tarjimly translators to translate documents for immigration court (e.g. asylum case supporting documents) the translator signs a document that confirms that they speak both languages fluently, and that they translated the documents to the best of their ability.

Can I sign up as both a translator and someone who needs translation?

Your Tarjimly account can only have either a Beneficiary role or a Translator role. For now, you can create another account with a different email to use the other role, and switch between the two by logging in an out of the two profiles on the app.


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