Professional Interpreter Hotline

Guaranteed Connection, vetted interpreters and 200+ Languages.


  1. Customized toll-free hotline number
  2. Ability to make three way calls
  3. Top language menu: customized with your 7 most-needed languages for quick access
  4. Collect three customised data points for each call (e.g. name of caller, department, location, topic of call, programmet name etc.)
  5. Monthly reporting and billing: Receive a full breakdown of call dates, times, durations, connection times and custom data point.

Highly trained & vetted translators

  1. 9 step vetting process including a language proficiency test, mock oral interpretation, background check & security screening
  2. Minimum 1 year prior professional interpreting experience. Average experience is 8 years
  3. Orientation and signed commitment to confidentiality, adherence to ethics, and HIPAA compliance


  1. $1.35 /minute flat fee
  2. Only pay for what you use: No minimum charges
  3. $250 one time set-up fee