Platinum App Customizations

Access thousand of Tarjimly interpreters in 80+ languages, adapt the Tarjimly app to your organization’s unique needs and monitor your team’s usage of interpreters and language needs

Monitor your teams’ need for interpreters and language needs

1. Monitor your teams need for interpreters by tracking number of sessions, languages requested, and activity by team members

2. Monitor matching rates and satisfaction with sessions

Collect valuable data and report on impact

1. Implement a custom rating screen which will be shown to your organization’s staff after each interpretation and translation session

2. Choose any data that will be useful for your organization. For example: a. Multi-select for programme name or b. Text box to input client name

Simplify billing for different programmes

1. Billing can be complex when budgets are earmarked for specific projects and programmes.

2. Implement a custom rating screen for tracking usage of interpreters by programme and project.

3. With our dashboard you can easily track where funds for interpreters have been allocated.

Additional available features

1. Custom onboarding video & materials and/or live onboarding workshops

2. App white-labelling

3. Single Sign-On

4. Custom in-app trainings