Bring Your Own Translators

Connect to your interpreters on-demand, utilize our simple notification system instead of time-consuming messages and activate your interpreters remotely, across locations and countries.

How does it work?

  1. Onboard your team and interpreters onto the Tarjimly mobile app
  2. Your staff make a request on the app for the languages they need assistance with
  3. Your interpreters receive notifications to their phone that someone from their organisation needs help
  4. The first interpreter to respond will be connected in a session with the team member
  5. Once connected, the two participants can get on a voice call, send messages, voice notes and photos

Engage your interpreters effectively with an efficient notification system

  1. Utilize our simple notification system to reach out to your interpreters. Avoid time-consuming messaging to multiple interpreters to check availability.
  2. Activate your interpreter community efficiently
  3. Option to connect to a Tarjimly interpreter when your own interpreters aren’t available

Monitor how interpreters are utilized by your team

  1. Monitor usage of interpreters by language, department, programme, topic or other markers
  2. Keep track of translator working hours. This offers the ability to pay freelance interpreters according to the number of hours worked.

Collect valuable data and report on impact

1. Implement a custom rating screen which will be shown to your organization’s staff after each interpretation and translation session

2. Choose any data that will be useful for your organization. For example: a. Multi-select for programme name or b. Text box to input client name

Cut down on costs by utilizing interpreters remotely

Avoid costs or attrition

Simplify billing for different programmes

Billing can be complex when budgets are earmarked for specific projects and programmes. With our dashboard you can easily track where funds for interpreters have been allocated.

Don’t have your own translators?

Tarjimly offers recruitment, vetting and onboarding of professional interpreters according to each organization’s specific needs, and makes them available exclusively to you via our BYOT solution.

Additional features

  • Custom onboarding 
  • In-app agreements
  • In-app trainings
  • Notifications
  • Policies and procedures reviewed

Coming Soon:

Scheduling: Schedule interpreters in advance for appointments.

Admin dashboard: Add and remove aid workers and translators to and from your organization whenever you need.

BYOT In Action

World Relief

World Relief West Washington has onboarded 58 staff members and 10 translators onto the Tarjimly app. The team connects to their own translators around 90 times per month, and connects to Tarjimly interpreters 400 times per month.

IOM Doha

Tarjimly recruited, vetted and hired 10 tri-lingual Pashto, Dari & English interpreters on behalf of IOM Doha, and trained them for this specific project. The interpreters were made available during working hours, and IOM staff in Qatar could access these interpreters in under 15 seconds.